4000 USD
Powerful, fast and big - and elegant at the same time. All this about the new electric city maxi-scooter RAZZO M1.
LiFePO4 battery of the RAZZO scooter has the increased viability (8000 cycles of a charge / discharge before the first loss of capacity) and endurance (works without avalanche loss of power in temperatures to -20 C).
Gear motor
The decision which allowed to increase efficiency of work of the unit by 50% higher, than at motor wheels. The advantages are engine efficiency, efficiency and power reserve and increased lift angle. Achieved 2 main goals: the dynamics and range on a single battery charge.
Powerful charger
The charger is integrated into the electric scooter, which provides a fairly
HIGH CHARGING SPEED - 45 min to 90%.

And support for the car standard PLUG 2 (CCS 2) makes it possible to charge the motorcycle at car charging stations. At the same time, having only a charging cable with the socket with which the motorcycle is completed, you can charge the motorcycle simply at home from a household network (110 / 220V).
Scooter for two
A full-fledged "electric car for two". In the case of the RAZZO, the two-way mode is not an extreme and dangerous arrival, but a comfortable journey where the passenger feels no less comfortable than in the car seat.

Technical characteristics

Maximum load

200 kg


Up to 95 km/h


Up to 150 km


LiFePO4, 86,4 V,67 Ah


CBC, Disk, hydraulic, duplicated by electromagnetic braking (recuperation)

Full charge time

45 minutes, up to 90% power

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Electric motorcycle

Powerful electric motorcycle with fast charging and support for car PLUG 2 (CCS 2) charging



Electric scooter-off-road vehicle on a chain drive – for movement, for drive, for business

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