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6000 USD
Really powerful
ScrAmper is a powerful and fast motorcycle, effective both on city roads and off asphalt. Having an urban format, it at the same time has almost off-road clearance - 207 mm, so it can easily cope with off-road. No, ScrAmper is not enduro, of course. But it is dynamic and efficient outside the city.
HD 10 Power Pack
The ScrAmper electric motorcycle battery has a patented innovative cooling system of HD10 Power Pack elements, which is at the same time simple and inexpensive. Thanks to it, having a nominal value of only 10 kW, the battery can operate in Heavy Duty mode, steadily giving 23-25 ​​kW of power for 30 minutes. At the same time, the temperature in the middle of the battery will not rise above 38 ° C and will not reach the critical marks for the elements. Thus, the HD10 Power Pack includes not only the ability to super-return the battery, but also increase the battery speed by 2-3 times compared to the current parameters of ScrAmper
The charger is integrated into the motorcycle, which provides a fairly high charging speed. And support for the car standard PLUG 2 (CCS 2) makes it possible to charge the motorcycle at car charging stations. At the same time, having only a charging cable with the socket with which the motorcycle is completed, you can charge the motorcycle simply at home from a household network (110 / 220V).
Engine and transmission
The ScrAmper has an integrated power plant. BLDC - engine with a nominal power of 9 kW and a peak power of 16 kW (7200 RPM) and a 4-speed gearbox. The transmission works similarly to gasoline. The ability of the electric motor to reach a peak power of 16 kW and the ability of the battery to provide the engine with such energy and create a dynamic character ScrAmper.


Charge time*

50% — 30 min.

80% — 60 min.

100% — 100 min.


1-а gear- 45 km/h

2-а gear – 45-80 km/h

3-а gear – 80-104 km/h

4-а gear- 104-130 km/h


45 km/h ~ 200 km

65 km/h ~ 160-185 km

85 km/h ~ 150-160 km

125 km/h ~ 90-110 km


Li NMC, 92,4 V 104 Ah


Steel tubular

Front suspension

Inverted telescopic fork

Rear suspension

Steel pendulum, mono shock absorber


1400 mm

Maximum mileage

up to 160 km (at a speed of 95 km/h)


BLDC is an engine with a peak power of up to 16 kW at 7200 RPM. 4-speed gearbox, which works similarly to gasoline


Front, disk, 270 mm

 2-piston caliper rear, disc, 220 mm, single-piston caliper

 The electromagnetic braking of the motor is an adjustable parameter

Wheels and tires

The motorcycle is equipped with reinforced rims, spokes and hubs.

Formula 17/17 with tires 50/50, for passability on roads and easy off-road

Tires 110/90 – 17 / 130/80 – 17

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Stylish and spacious electric city scooter for two. Up to 90 km/h and 150 km on a single electric scooter charge



Electric scooter-SUV on a chain drive – for movement, for drive, for business

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