What tasks do we solve

Green transport

Design, development and production of electric vehicles (batteries, electrical systems, drives and electric transmissions, chargers)

Energy efficiency technologies

Design, development and production of household and industrial energy storage devices for smart homes, solar systems, wind turbines, mobile power substations


International research projects in the field of renewable energy. Close technological interaction with associates around the world, exchange of experience, knowledge and specialists.

EMGo standards and values
Technological standards
We are building the first professional certified center of development and production of "green products" in Ukraine. It will be based on European industry standards
Technological standards
Battery Innovation
We study and test new formulas of battery chemistry, in research and development we use the advanced batteries providing the maximum capacity and safety for the user.
Battery Innovation
Second life and recycling of used batteries
Batteries unsuitable for use in electric vehicles can be serviced by EMGo Technology and reused in energy storage and storage systems. We study the technology and international experience of recycling used lithium batteries - to extract basic rare earth metals and re-manufacture batteries.
Second life and recycling of used batteries
EMGo Technology is:
a new specialized (EV and GreenTech) division of the GEON group of companies engaged in the development and production of two-wheeled vehicles engineering. R&D center focused on the development of innovative solutions in the field of electric transport, energy storage and green technologies.
- research structure with its own technology park and a full cycle of product implementation, from idea and development to launch in series.
EMGo Structure
R&D Center
Develops products in the field of commercial electric transport, including systems for remote control and monitoring of onboard devices. Produces prototypes and prototypes.
R&D Center
Electrical workshop
Produces energy storage devices of any complexity and power based on lithium, uses all types of contactors and connectors (including complex contact metal welding compositions - copper / aluminum / nickel / steel), switching electrical systems, protection systems and battery balancing, including programmable modules. From a powerbank to a powerful backup battery.
Electrical workshop
Assembly production
We assemble vehicles developed by EMGo Technology, completing them with batteries and electrical installations for assembly and production of the electrical shop. Produces metal processing of any complexity.
Assembly production


EV products


Electric motorcycle
Powerful electric motorcycle with fast charging and support for car PLUG 2 (CCS 2) charging


Maxi Scooter
Stylish and roomy electric city scooter for two. Up to 90 km / h and 150 km on a single charge


Electric scooter-off-road vehicle on a chain drive – for movement, for drive, for business



Smart Storage
Energy storage with a powerful inverter for homes and solar stations


Modular Storage
Modular storage for energy scaling and connection to a smart LiEB 8SP system


Smart Portable Storage
Smart portable energy storage with a powerful inverter for home and nature

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